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Making the Link Business Skills Training

Resilience Workshops

A series of 4 virtual training workshops over the coming weeks.   
Designed by Mike Ponting and Kelvin Heard this dynamic and inclusive training workshop is aimed at equipping the busy professional with some practical Mindfulness and Meditation tools that increase personal resilience.  The workshop explores the latest thinking in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness practice, and Meditation. 

These bite-sized sessions on Emotional Resilience are to bring awareness of self and peer support approaches to improve performance. If you or your team are experiencing high stress levels and feeling high pressure to perform this can lead to the following symptoms;

- Higher than normal sickness absence

- Greater employee turnover/attrition

- Increased cases of ‘burn-out’

Here’s how we can help...

We know that the human brain can re-set itself and learn new ways of thinking very quickly. New neural pathways give clarity and get results where before you have been diverted by old ways of thinking and old patterns of behaviour.

During this workshop we explore and uncover innovative new ways to accelerate positive behavioural change for those wanting to perform at their best.

Drawing from the fields of “Mindfulness” and “Emotional Intelligence” the session explores these topics through lively & fun simulations, group tasks and plenary discussion. Those attending will leave feeling refreshed, energized and with have practical strategies to help them be the best. 

Who should attend? 
- People who are under a lot of stress regularly
- Those dealing with conflicting priorities and tight deadlines
- People who want to explore new ways to improve their mental health, productivity and vitality. 
"It was a lightbulb moment- seriously guys, thank you"
-Company Director, PR and Crisis Management
I want all my staff to experience this workshop"
-Customer Service Manager, Housing Sector
"I've seen a lot of re-branded stuff over the years this stands out as it is so fresh and new"
-HR Business Partner, Software Solutions
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