Facilitation Team

Drawing on the experiences, research and latest thinking in Leadership development, Business development, Emotional Intelligence and Sustainability our facilitation team will help you on your way to delivering business growth. The team here are all based in the UK. If you have an international project we have over 27 companies covering from the US to Australia and many of the places in-between with the Global Growth Group. If your Head office is based in the UK then give us a call. If you are based outside of the UK see the Global Growth Group coverage for your country here

Andor Timor

Andor Timor

Senior Consultant and Training Expert​

Andor is a leading international expert in delivering training that has an impact on results, with specialist interests in business development, sales leadership, business skills training and executive coaching. He also has extensive experience developing and producing short films for clients and to enhance the learning experience.   


A multi-skilled and experienced international communicator and inspirational team leader, Andor has a particular aptitude in business development training and in multi-cultural working environments.


He has worked with major international corporations including KPMG, Cargill, General Motors, Ernst & Young, Bayer, Vodafone, SAB Miller and Honda Motors to name a few. 



"If you want a facilitator that can really focus on the group and get them really learning- Andor is your man"

Mike P. Director, Making the Link

Kelvin Heard

Kelvin Heard

Mindfulness, Business and Personal mentor

Kelvin was described by one CEO as having “more energy than the average nuclear reactor”. A full-time mentor, meditation and mindfulness trainer since 1996, Kelvin works with teams and individuals, taking them on a powerful journey of self-discovery to bring out hidden creativity and focus it on ground-breaking business solutions.


“The exceptional power of Mindfulness to produce a more healthy and inspiring working environment that directly benefits the bottom line is now widely recognised by world-leading authorities from Harvard to the United Nations and the British Department of Education” He says.


Kelvin has worked in the USA, South Africa, Canada, Europe and Australia in diverse corporate environments, as well as with many ‘high-worth’ individuals in the fields of business, the arts, music and fashion. His extraordinary work has been featured in the Sunday Times, The Times and The Daily Mail, among many other media programmes worldwide.

Mike Ponting

Mike Ponting

Managing Director of Making the Link, Organisational Development Consultant

Mike's management consulting background, coupled with his international charity experiences - running environmental projects deep in the jungles of South America and Central America -  give him a unique blend of skills that he now uses to help people develop exceptional business performance.


Known for his engaging and inspiring training courses and team events, Mike brings huge levels of enthusiasm and a keen understanding of people that enables companies to achieve significant business improvement. 


Mike has designed and delivered training courses and team development events for a broad range of companies across multiple sectors and around the globe. Using the latest thinking and research into and neuroscience and behaviour, Mike ensures that participants are thoroughly engaged, and real results follow.


Mike is a firm believer in personal challenges- and going the extra mile. He has worked with the Youth Development Charity Raleigh International managing Projects in Costa Rica, and filming Raleigh project partners in Borneo. He under took the Kinabalu Challenge and raised three thousand pounds for Raleigh, and returned with some colleagues to repeat the challenge and the team raised over twenty thousand pounds for the Anthony Nolan Trust. 


"Kelvin worked with our Senior level risk management team in London for 18 months. In this time he worked with Individuals with one on one mentoring and also  with the senior team  in large group risk events that ran for one or two days. Kelvin is unique in his approach with mindfulness as it cuts through the mind to create powerful way to look at existing problems to create solutions .This we found as a team and a board who were in a process of change to be immensely helpful."

Steve L. Head of Risk Management, Daiwa, London

"What a fantastic day, learned so much and when I finished I could not stop thinking about what I can do with what I had learned to bring back to JLR. I was impressed with Mike as a trainer, clear and precise in his work, had a great positive attitude and made the day very enjoyable.” 

Stuart H. Project Director Jaguar LandRover

"This was one of the best courses of my life.”  

Janna S. Clinical Opps Director, Boehringer Ingelheim, Norway