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With the current Global Coronavirus pandemic we are no longer accepting bookings for face to face training for groups or on a 1-2-1 basis. Coronavirus has impacted many businesses - and now is the time to innovate, adapt and overcome. Keeping in touch with customers, prospects and your team is now more vital than ever. Learn what approaches and adaptations we can make to our sales and leadership approach with Making the Link Virtual training.


Virtual training solutions

Making the Link (MTL) offers virtual training solutions to companies & individuals with a strong focus on Sales and Sales Leadership. 

Virtual Sessions 

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Each topic is broken down into 4x 90 minute virtual sessions delivered over a 4 week period. Participants will be asked to complete some sales challenges, simulation conversations, and peer feedback. Using simple yet effective collaboration tools each session is designed to be engaging, thought provoking and useful to those attending. 

Using a unique combination of accelerated learning techniques and the latest thinking in personal and team development, delivered by world class facilitators with a vast range of business experience, we help companies to unlock the full potential of their most important assets – the incredible talents and latent mind-power of their people.



Making the Link Business skills training
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Why go Virtual? 

There are so many positives to going virtual with your business skills training. Although we have delivered sales and leadership training to over 70,000 people face to face - we aim to deliver the same 'light bulb' moments for virtual participants. 

  • No travel or accommodation costs.

  • Less time required compared to a typical 2 day course. 

  • Cheaper than face to face training.

  • Bite sized chunks of learning are easier to take on board and use.

  • Keep staff motivated during Isolation

Courses are delivered using and each participant will need a reliable internet connection and a laptop or smart phone to take part. 


Delivered by a highly experienced team that combines international experience and advanced training techniques. 

Powerful tools


In addition to facilitated virtual learning sessions, participants may choose to access  our personalised coaching and mentoring programmes, to provide support and guidance with implementing their training and Emotional intelligence (EI) techniques, putting powerful tools and creative concepts at their fingertips to help transform their business in a sustainable way.

Transforming tomorrows leaders with mind
Business skills training with Making the Link

What clients say.....


“Thank you for a wonderful event- the team strategy is now well understood and the team are fully behind it. Last board meeting already showed some good progress!”  

Martin S CEO DHL



Making the Link’s team development session with our Heads of Finance was brilliant- a great way to start the year

Bhikhram A VP ArcelorMittal



We have worked with executives from:

CSR Team development clients

If you want to create a team that can move mountains, then speak to Making the Link

Anne KN Project Manager Vestas A/s




We’ve partnered with Making the Link over the last four years and every year we have over-achieved our targets-this year we have seen a massive improvement in results.

Richard D. Head of Fundraising RNLI

This was one of the best courses of my life.

Janna S. Clinical Operations Boehringer Ingelheim



Global capability

Making the Link Ltd is a founding member and UK representative of the Global Growth Group. Connecting the capabilities of Business experts, Growth Consultants, and experienced facilitators from all over the world to deliver business improvement.

Global Growth Group is an international network of training, coaching and consulting companies helping clients improve outcomes in strategic areas such as Sales consulting, Leadership & Management, Organisational Development and Business Skills training.  


Our members are able to provide deliveries across more than 40 countries and we have our offices in the following places: Australia, Brazil, China, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, UAE, USA.

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